College Football Power Rankings: TCU, Michigan take deep breaths as USC enters top five with Clemson pushing -Saleoffshirt

We’re watching for The Loss to pop out of The Game. While the pinnacle 4 withinside the Power Rankings continue to be the identical, they might not be that manner for long. Ohio State vs. Michigan looms over everything. One will fall withinside the 118th renewal of a competition that is going returned to 1897.

At stake is a gap withinside the Big Ten Championship Game, a capacity College Football Playoff berth and possibly a country wide championship. You realize, trivial stuff.

We already realize what takes place to the winner. It will clinch the Big Ten East and a gap withinside the Big Ten name game, sitting a victory farfar from the playoff. As for the loser, well, who knows?!

It may be lumped in unique a set of one-loss teams. At the belief of Week 12, there may be most effective of them: USC and Clemson. The Trojans moved up spots after a stirring win over UCLA. The identical for the Tigers, which moved up spots after effortlessly beating Miami.

The CFP Selection Committee has historically desired convention champions over at-huge teams. But as we have got determined out over the primary 8 years of the playoff, the committee also can do anything it wants.

Welcome, then, to Rivalry Week. It isn’t unusual at this past due date for outmanned combatants to tug upsets due to the fact blood boils in those sorts of games. Is Georgia Tech unexpectedly a issue towards Georgia after beating North Carolina? What approximately South Carolina towards Clemson? Oregon desires to overcome the great Oregon State crew in a decade throughout the Civil War to get to the Pac-12 Championship Game. The Iron Bowl will constantly be the Iron Bowl. Notre Dame holds a enormous spot withinside the communication travelling West to play USC.

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